What will be the price of RetargetIM?

The basic version will be free for up to 100 subscribers with 1 month fee for paid versions.

The pricing for the paid versions is: up to 2,500 subscribers – $14 a month. 5,000 – 24$, 10,000 – $44.

Where will the invitation to register appear?

The invitation to the user will appear on all the pages besides the homepage, the checkout and payment page, after the user spends at least 2 seconds on the page. It will appear only once per user, and he can block the invitation by clicking “Block”.

Are there any requirements for my website?

The only requirement is an active install of WooCommerce 2.1+ with cart functionality.

Who is behind RetargetIM?

We are a team that combines experienced eCommerce marketers and senior Big Data programmers. You can contact us by e-mail, in our developer page or our Facebook page.

Which platforms do you support?

We are now available for Chrome, Firefox, and Android notifications. Additional platforms (e.g. iOS) are on our product roadmap as well. The user won’t see the invitation text if he isn’t be able to opt-in.

Will you share my data with anyone?

No. Never. Ever. We are grateful for the trust site owners give to RetargetIM, and we will never defy your trust by sharing your private data.

How my data is secured?

All the connections between our site are encrypted with SSL v3, besides the eCommerce platform & the messaging apps security protocols.

Do you support languages other than English?

At this stage, we only support English.

Can I design the user invitation?

You can design the text (header + message), the color of the text and the color of the border. You can have different text for the desktop and mobile versions.

Why should I work with RetargetIM as soon as I can?

Our product is an artificially intelligent system that can learn your site and constantly improve your business results. The more you use RetargetIM – the better results you will get.

Why did you develop RetargetIM?

Huge platforms like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and other companies have the budget to build market incredible retention platforms. We would like to give the SMB eCommerce sites the most important & easy to use retention features that deliver sales.

How does the install process go?

  1. Download and install the plugin (1 click installation)
  2. Simple registration
  3. There is no stage 3


Will you have a support team?

Yes, you can get direct support from the founders via a support ticket in the plugin or the support forum here.