Automatic sales generator using machine learning algorithms

RetargetIM is a simple and automated push messaging platform for WooCommerce stores. Use the power of our advanced machine learning algorithms to drive traffic back to your store with relevant offers with zero effort.

First month free. No credit card required. Pay only when you see more sales

To use RetargetIM, you will need WooCommerce and basic SSL security (site with https).

We will need your read permission to your site to automate the push notifications for you.


  • Increased direct conversion from push notifications with no ad spending
  • Increased indirect conversions from users seeing your offers directly on their mobile & desktop devices
  • Less time wasted on e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Less media spending on retargeting ads


  • Form free with high opt-in rates (10%+ on average)
  • Engaging placement for the push messages, like the mobile notification bar
  • Fully automated
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Simple 1-Click installation
  • No coding needed
  • Out-of-the-box solution with optional advanced settings
  • Fully integrated with the WooCommerce CMS
  • Free tier with affordable plans for larger stores, 1-month free trial, and money back guarantee.

Supporting Chrome (Mac + Windows), Firefox, Opera and Android. Safari support coming soon.


After the user opts-in by clicking “Allow” in the browser, RetargetIM will learn his activity on the site and, with the store data, will find the most relevant messages to send him. As the site owner, you can sit back and enjoy more sales.

Plugin functionality:
* Sending automatic push notification according to the user activity and actions in the WooCommerce store.
* Identifying engagement with specific products using machine learning.
* Optimizing the messages according to your store activity

Current messaging options:
* Reminder of products the user engaged with
* Price drop on engaged items
* Special sales on engaged items
* Sale ends in 1 day on engaged items
* Last items in stock on engaged items
* Product back on stock on engaged items

In addition – you can send (up to twice a week) messages to all the registered users.
The site admin can choose to use all the functions or only part of them and change specific settings (for example – when will the last items on stock message appear).


You will pay only for users who opt-in to receive a push notification from your eCommerce site (Active users).

Up to 100 active users: FREE
Up to 2,500 active users: $14 a month
Up to 5,000 active users: $24 a month
Up to 10,000 active users: $44 a month
Up to 20,000 active users: $74 a month

First month free. No credit card required. Pay only when you see more sales.
Money back guarantee – if you would like to cancel – send us a message from the plugin, and we will pay you back for the current month.